· Home(land)

        Song set for soprano and piano.

Text and Program Notes

I. February is Here

February is here…

It has arrived, and slowly drifts past my window And whispers a sigh…

I’m lost between, the northern chills, half melted snow

Oh how I miss home

The luring pale blue sky

Draws me close

Ripples and swirls in the sky make me wonder

Long and morose, the wind cries

helplessly, without a ship in sight

And yet, these days are both lost and won.

I dream of another coast

While February sails by my window.

II. This Dynasty

If knowledge is power

You’ve been sold mutated weapons

That were designed to backfire.

Our Emperor declared, “We have enemies from all four borders.”

But it was our own soldiers of the

Forbidden City who gave us the bloodiest scars.

Outside this Great Wall

Nothing can justify this dynasty.

While inside

No one can defend you from the Emperor.

Your loyalty is the Joke and the Tragedy of the century.

Wake up! A billion of us are clinging onto toy rifles,

And firing at all the wrong targets!

Alex Selawsky-Group, soprano

Mo Zhao, piano


· Shall We Reveal (What's Underneath the Shadows)

        Premiere performance by Exaudi Chamber Vocal Ensemble.

Text and Program Notes

Shall We Reveal contains six miniature movements, each with its own character and placement formation. The soundscape constructed from the formations aims to create an illusion of space. Within this space, the music loosely mimics the interactions between light and shadow.


· Just Watching

         Song set for soprano and piano.

Text and Program Notes

I couldn't wake you up

you had too much whiskey

I had a bad dream

I wanted to say something

I wanted to say…

I was in a kindergarten

Lying on my back like a baby.

He looked like my dad.

The same eyes

we heard a noise

So we crept towards a room.

the door, it was slightly ajar,

looked in, saw you

And another woman.

You were both naked.

We just stood there looking into the room.

The door was slightly ajar.

I wanted to say something.

I wanted to say,

what are you doing?

He had covered my mouth and eyes

He couldn't cover my ears.

I could still hear…

And then I opened my eyes

And I wanted to tell you so much

But you had drunk too much whiskey

May Sumbwanyambe, text

Premiered in Wigmore Hall in 2017

Sian Dicker, soprano

Krystal Tunnicleffe, piano


· Sonnet XVII

       For mezzo-soprano, violin, cello, and percussion. 


· Alma Apretada—Pablo Neruda

        SATB Chorus. Premiered by Boston University Academy Chamber Choir in Marsh Chapel, May 2013.



· Song Cycle No. 1 “Torch Songs”

       Bass-Baritone and Piano. Premiered in Boston University,   March 2013.


· “The Silver Moon is set…” - Sappho

          Soprano and Piano

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